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            Mtech Projects

    String technologies offers projects in latest technologeis based on recent IEEE and other standard papers. Find the list of M.tech suitable VLSI projects list with more than 70 , IEEE-2014 papers. Please contact 9440318188 for getting abstracts and IEEE reference papers. Download the ppt here.

    Matlab (DSP) Projects



    1.The IEEE year given is the year of current version that is published, it is to be noted that the publication date

    will be few months older than this date.

    2.The IEEE reference indicates that the work carried out has some relevance to latest technologies. However

    in most of the cases the implementation would have several new issues in them, instead of implementing the

    paper as it is.

    3.See the abstract; block diagram and ppt for each project to understand the exact project scope.

    4.As the projects are related to latest technologies minimum amount of domain, concepts and code learning

    will be associated for every project. We offer this information in the form of Video classes, E-classes and

    direction interaction with company engineers.

    5.Students need to register the project as soon as the project accepted in the college. The code and document

    development for new projects will only be started after registration.