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    Java Technologies:

    In today's business environment, relentless competition requires increasingly complex solutions, often spanning organizational and geographic borders. Businesses must exploit emerging business opportunities by rapidly adopting new technology, including Web-based solutions.

    We assist our clients with the design, build and management aspects of their transformation to on demand e-businesses. This includes multi-delivery options, integration of new and emerging technologies, and leveraging open standards such as Web Services. Our primary goal is to help position our clients for long-term success.

    Open Source CRM Solutions:

    Our professionals have understood the needs of small and medium scale industries that in this competitive global economy, a key business strategy is focused on infrastructure and delivery of business processes to manage and deliver customer value across multiple planes. String Technologies, believes that Customer Relationship Management (CRM), maximizes profitability and improves competitive advantage through efficient productive customer interactions, and delivering personalized and efficient marketing, sales, and service through multichannel collaboration.

    Web Services:

    With the immense popularity of the Internet, it is almost imperative that a business would have a web address and a basic presence on the web. E-Mail is seen as a very effective replacement of conventional ways of mailing since it does not cost extra and also because it is quicker, easier to communicate.

    An Internet presence ensures that customers get information about your business and services. It also projects the image of your business to the outside world, which is very important and vital in today's business strategy.

    It is actually very easy and inexpensive to setup and maintain a web existence with your own web address and e-mail capability.

    Solution Provider:

    String Technologies is a solution provider. We design, develop and implement both custom systems and package-based solutions. Our technocrats can handle a simple job or the most complex jobs, and we are very cost-conscious in providing open source solutions to your assignments. We strongly believe that open source solutions are a very economical way to provide web presence to your esteemed establishments.

    We also ensure that we are always responsive to your post project completion needs - be it addition of new functionality or on going support.

    All our technical team members are graduates of reputed universities and with an average of 4 years of industry experience. When you enter into contract with String Technologies, you can be rest assured that it would be a complete solution that we would deliver.