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    String Technologies is founded by an alumni of IITs & RECs, aiming to bring state of the art technologies, to Indian industry in VLSI and Embedded Systems areas. The company engaged in Design & development in the fields of VLSI, Embedded systems, DSP, System programming and Mechatronics. The company also provides high end training solutions and IP cores in these core technologies. The group is head quatered at Hyderabad.

    Our application cum research team currently involved into development of E-learning software, E commerce, full custom & semi custom VLSI design, Linux kernel programming, Network programming, device driver development, FPGA based embedded system development and micro controller based embedded system development. We are encouraging "earn while you learn" program for students, so that industry can harness the best of IT pool. In an effort in this path, we offer multi / inter disciplinary projects, which is beneficial for the student as well as for the organization..


    To be a premier institute with continuous improvement in providing high end skilled training and development on emerging technologies by bridging the gap between academics and industry in the fields of VLSI, Embedded systems, DSP, System programming and Mechatronics.

    To be a leading ERP and CRM solution provider with the open source models, for small scale and medium scale industries and to promote Open Source and related technologies at the same time.

    To provide complete hardware and networking solutions to small and medium scale industries at low cost.


    Emergence as as a premier training & development establishment for the design and development of world class electronics and IT solutions, working towards economic advancement..