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    Hello Viewers.....

    A Great welcome from STRING TECHNOLOGIES !!!!!

         In the first pause. I would like to introduce about String Technologies. String technologies established in 2005 has great experience of 9 years for training thousands of students in the fields of electronics and communication , electrical and associated technologies.
         String technologies is offering online projects & online short term courses which are well equipped with latest IT tools to give  Real Time class & lab infrastructure availability to the participant and guides him in such a way to make him learn any latest technology , sitting in front of his computer across the world.
         Usually when we talk about online projects & online courses , we find people with lack of confidence & a rise of question in  their mind that through online , how could we work on lab experiments & think that it cannot be possible to work on live  hardware platforms and tools.But String Technologies setup ensures that any complicated hardware lab / tool working is possible by sitting across the computer.
         BASIC SETUP : -
       The setup for online class basically consists of precisely : -
       • A well experienced Tutor
       • Hardware platform through which the Student has to understand the basic principles & the way to perform lab experiments  in the lab sessions that are conducted by the Tutor & also subsequently the Student must practice his own lab sessions  simultaneously .
       •Computer where we have a PowerPoint Presentation , Array notes with which the basic associated subject fundamentals will  be explained clearly & we also have tools related to required working platform.
         The time at which the lecture sessions are supposed to get started up, the Tutor in the string technologies will start delivering the lecture on the associated subject principles simultaneously he will be switching among the required software tools where the Student can be able to hear from the other end.
         The Student across the computer can be able to hear the session in a clear fashion. There is a feasibility to ask questions and  get clarified in case of any doubts or any re-explanation if need . There is an option provided called ‘RAISE HAND’ displayed on  the screen of the computer such that it would give an intimation to the Tutor that the participant has something to be get clarified.
         Most of the times when it comes to online learning’s, people will be confident enough with an idea that any subject’s concepts can be learned but remains questionly paused with; how the laboratory classes can be done..?
         In the String technologies at the participant end, the board will be presented across available to the Tutor & while the participant is explaining the tools whether he will be using the respected compilers or assemblers / any other kind of tools, anyhow; the participant will be getting the screen of the tool and he can be able to see the board  which is available with the Tutor at the participant end.
         During the course of explaining lab sessions, from the tutor side , the camera will be switched to the hardware platform , so that the participant can have a live look  whatever the code downloaded on to the hardware platform & how the results are appearing.The participant can also be able to see how LED’s are blinking, 7 Segment displays for the code that he have written can be effectively done.
         Any how, Apart from all these things, whatever the PC based verifications required for output through UART / some other terminals can be definitely seen by the PC screen  itself.
         Finally : - Participants had a feasibility to have a look at Tutors computer screen and Tutors face in order to have a face to face interaction & also can learn tools wise  handling over online.
         There is a opportunity for the participant to go through with this recorded session, the total conversation online for a few days over which the participant can repeat the  same lecture & can get the total content revised on his own at his convenient time.
         This String Technologies online platform can be used effectively by the Student of Under Graduates , Graduates & Post Graduates & also for the corporate employees at  their initial stage of their career development in order to learn all the latest Technologies associated Projects / Courses at a very economical price.

                                                                                   "THANK YOU"